Throughout the years, Wong Kar-Wai has been involved in the production of many films as a screenwriter, producer and/or director. In addition, he has also directed a few short films, including Hua Yang De Nian Hua, In the Mood For Love 2001, "The Follow" (part of The Hire series), "The Hand" (from the anthology film Eros) and "I Travelled 9000 km to Give It to You" (from the anthology film To Each His Own Cinema).

As his entire filmography is quite extensive, below are only the feature films he has directed. However, it may be expanded in the future to cover his short films. The star ratings aren't associated with official/professional reviews; they are based on my personal experience. Unrated items are films I have yet to see!

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People like us don't have tomorrows.
As Tears Go By (旺角卡門)

I used to think there was a kind of bird that, once born, would keep flying until death. The fact is that the bird hasn't gone anywhere. It was dead from the beginning.
Days of Being Wild (阿飛正傳)

Actually, really knowing someone doesn't mean anything. People change. A person may like pineapple today and something else tomorrow.
Chungking Express (重慶森林)
The wine’s called “A Happy Go-Lucky Life.” She said it takes away your memory of the past. Sounded weird to me… what on earth is this wine? She also said that man’s biggest problem is that he remembers. How wonderful it’d be to forget the past! Every day would be a new beginning. Isn’t that great?
Ashes of Time (東邪西毒)
Will I remember her? Actually, it’s not important. For her I was an oasis in her journey through life. I hope she soon reaches her destination and finds her soulmate for life. We all need a partner. When will I find mine?
Fallen Angels (墮落天使)

I always thought I was different from Po-Wing. Turns out lonely people are all the same.
Happy Together (春光乍洩)

Feelings can creep up just like that. I thought I was in control.
In the Mood for Love (花樣年華)

I once fell in love with someone. After a while she was gone. I couldn’t stop wondering if she loved me or not. I went to 2046 hoping to find her there. But I never found her.
A few years ago, I had a dream. It began in the summer and was over by the following spring. In between, there were as many unhappy nights as there were happy days. Most of them took place in this café. And then one night, a door slammed and the dream was over.
My Blueberry Nights (藍莓之夜)

It all comes down to two words: Horizontal, Vertical.
The Grandmaster (一代宗師)